Dr. JR Harding

Disability Consultant and Expert Witness
Federal Employer Identification Number: 593682480

Dr. JR Harding Resume (Download resume PDF)

General Fee Schedule:

  • $225 per hour
  • $1,600 per day
  • 5 hour minimum for court and or deposition time
  • Travel Day: $1,000 per day


Public Speaking:

  • Standard Fee: $5,000 + expenses
  • In cases of non-profit businesses and related community work, a reasonable honorarium excluding expenses can be agreed upon in advance.


Expenses: All reasonable travel expenses are to be covered including but not limited to:

  • Airplane, hotel, local transportation
  • Personal Care Assistant (PCA) @ $150 per day
  • Per Diem for Dr. JR Harding & PCA (Florida Government rate is acceptable)
    • Breakfast = $7 per day
    • Lunch = $12 per day
    • Dinner = $20 per day
  • Expenses for reports, reproduction, printing, etc.



  • All bills and expenses shall be submitted on the last day of each month and is deemed payable upon receipt.
  • Bills that are outstanding by 30 days will receive a 10% administrative fee.